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DICE 2013 - SEPTEMBER 24-26

The biggest names in gaming explore the concepts and creativity that will drive the expansion of interactive entertainment worldwide

Cevat Yerli Richard Hilleman Victor Kislyi Hilmar Petursson Torsten Reil
Cevat Yerli
Richard Hilleman
Chief Creative Director
Electronic Arts
Victor Kislyi
CEO and Founder
Hilmar Petursson
CCP Games
Torsten Reil
Peter Molyneux Lorne Lanning David Polfeldt Jay Cohen
Peter Molyneux
Managing Director
Lorne Lanning
Oddworld Inhabitants
David Polfeldt
Managing Director
Massive Entertainment
Jay Cohen
Chief Revenue Officer
Playnomics Inc.

Massive industry disruption

The video games industry is in an unprecedented state of disruption and confusion. Never before has there been so much disruption, nor so much opportunity. Small start-ups are turning into powerful players while established leaders invest billions in new technology and innovation. A revolution is taking place right now and you need to be leading the way!

A game changing conference that will shape the future of your business

Fresh from the unbelievable success of the D.I.C.E Summit in the US featuring industry heavy weights such as Jesse Schell, Gabe Newell, Bobby Kotick, J.J. Abrams and David Perry comes D.I.C.E Europe, a conference that will fundamentally change the way you think about and execute your video games business strategy.

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Rich HillemanWho Will You Meet? Who Will Speak?

At D.I.C.E Europe you’ll hear from - and do real business with - the absolute biggest names in Video Games including:

  • Peter Molyneux, CEO and Founder, 22cans
  • Victor Kislyi, CEO and Founder, Wargaming
  • Richard Hilleman, Chief Creative Director, EA
  • Torsten Reil, CEO and Founder, NaturalMotion
  • Lorne Lanning, COO and Co-Founder, Oddworld Inhabitants
  • Cevat Yerli, President and CEO, Crytek
  • Hilmar Petursson, CEO, CCP Games
  • David Polfeldt, Managing Director, Massive Entertainment
  • Jay Cohen, Chief Revenue Officer, Playnomics Inc.
  • Paul Wedgwood, CEO, Splash Damage
  • Ian Livingstone, Life President, Eidos
  • Paul Gouge, CEO, Playdemic

“Walk down the hall and you will see people who have been heavy hitters in the games community for 10 – 20 years…the crème de l a crème, that’s who’s here” Mark Cerny, Cerny Games

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This is no ordinary conference…

Not only will you hear from the industry luminaries listed above but you’ll also get the chance to race against, out bluff and party with an unbelievably high calibre of your peers right throughout the conference with a spectacular range of networking functions including…

- Getting one over at the ultra-competitive go-karting grand prix

- Take your peers to the cleaners at live poker tournaments

- Party with the biggest name in Video Games as Wargaming host their first London party on D.I.C.E. Europe’s opening night

D.I.C.E parties and networking are the stuff of industry folklore and enable super senior level execs to build the relationships that power industry deal making for the next 12 months.

 “D.I.C.E. is like the watering hole of the industry. Executives from rival publishing houses and enemy platforms laugh and party it up with each other as if they were the best of friends!” Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

Quite simply, it’s the hottest ticket in town. But spaces are limited and you need to reserve your place as soon as possible. Can you afford NOT to be in London on September 24-25? 

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Strategies to enable you to grab massive growth opportunities

Emerging platforms, new consoles and disruptive business models…everywhere you look there are major challenges your business needs to address head on. Industry heavy weights from Wargaming, EA , NaturalMotion, Oddworld Inhabitants, Crytek, CCP Games, 22cans, Massive Entertainment and Playnomics Inc. will deconstruct these challenges and give you TED style insight into how you can make the most of these exciting times.

Honest, thoughtful and provocative examinations of the creative process by industry leaders are the source of great inspiration and fuel for water-cooler conversation long beyond the event.  Notable past speakers include JJ Abrams, Gabe Newell, Todd Howard, Jesse Schell, among many others.

At D.I.C.E London some of the hotly anticipated talks include:

  • EA’s Richard Hilleman on reaching your players wherever they are and on whatever device. As the way in which we access and consume games evolves, what is a gaming platform anyway?
  • Crytek’s Cevat Yerli on the collision between blockbuster films and AAA games. Hear how the tech powering blockbuster film experiences is being put to use by Crytek to draw players deeper into the game world and evoke emotion like never before
  • NaturalMotion’s Torsten Reil on taking risks now! Exploring the current disruptions in the video games markets and why he has chosen to take the big risks now, so as to ensure big success further down the line

You will gain insight into:

  • How new platforms, from console to mobile, will impact your business and where the opportunities exist
  • Which new business models can be applied to your games in order to grow player numbers and drive revenue
  • As the ways we directly engage with an audience multiply, learn about the importance of customer relationship building and how customer feedback ties into the development process
  • As F2P rises, what does this mean for AAA? Is it dead?
  • People play on more devices than one, what does this mean for the way we develop games? Hear how we can achieve a true multi-platform experience and what this looks like

“D.I.C.E. to me is the pinnacle of computer gaming events…I learn from every single speaker here.” Richard Garriott, CEO, Portalarium

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A years’ worth of valuable meetings all in one place!

D.I.C.E. is targeted specifically at key executives and decision makers of the video game industry, providing an intimate venue to offer unmatched networking opportunities for brokering the next big deal and forming the next eye watering partnership.

Over the course of two days of talks, lunches, parties, poker tournaments, go-karting, breakfasts you’ll get the chance to spend time with those at the very forefront of the fast moving industry. You are guaranteed to walk away with a stack of relationships and ideas that will drive your business forward in the next 12 months.

You’ll meet all the key speakers at the inaugural D.I.C.E. Europe from 22cans, Wargaming, EA, NaturalMotion, Oddworld Inhabitants, Crytek, CCP Games, Massive Entertainment, Playnomics Inc…

Add to this a host of the biggest names in Video Games who have already confirmed their attendance including Avalanche Studios, SEGA, Sumo Digital, Kabam, 2K Games, Havok, Epic Games, Microsoft, SONY, CCP Games, Crytek, EA, Ninja Theory and many more. Don't miss your opportunity to join us for an inspiring, creative and fun two days in London.

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