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Mobile Gaming USA May 5-6, 2014 | San Francisco, USA


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Day One


08:30-09:15 WORKSHOP: Unlock the Power of your Game with Google

Mobile game developers need deep expertise on user acquisition, monetization and analytics - Google can help! This session will explore how you can improve these areas across platforms and receive the value you deserve for your games.

  •  Cross-platform acquisition strategies that will grow your audience       
  • The latest mobile analytics tools that will allow you to understand your users, whichever platform they reside on
  • The monetization infrastructure to cross-promote your games and take your mobile players through to payers, or show paid ads, maximizing ARPU along the way  
Alejandro Manchado, Strategic Partner Development Lead, Google


09:15-09:30 MINI-BREAK

09:30-10:00 Global Mobile Gaming Projections: 2014

Perhaps the most rapidly evolving segment in games, mobile continues to present a huge opportunity both in Western and developing economies. This session will explore where that growth is occurring and which companies to look for in 2014 and beyond.

  • Get expert insight into the key drivers to global mobile growth and success
  • Hear who is getting it wrong and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes
  • Learn about the emerging markets, platforms and business models that are driving growth and innovation in the segment

Michael Pachter, Managing Director, Wedbush

10:00-10:40 Today's Gaming Ecosystem and How to Build a Successful Gaming Business

Over the last several years, the games industry has undergone a massive evolution. These changes have benefitted some developers and left others in the dust.  In order to continue to thrive in this increasingly competitive universe, game companies must be leaders in all of the following areas:

  • Cross-Platform: Over the years we've seen a constant evolution in platforms.  This change is inevitable and companies looking to build for the long term must learn to generate revenue from multiple platforms and avoid dependence on one.
  • Nimble Product Development: Companies need to quickly hone in on what's working, while pivoting away from what's not. The most successful developers rely on low-cost prototyping, relentless A/B testing, and deep analytics. 
  • Smart Marketing:  Accurate cohort-specific marketing data is key to profitable user acquisition. Developers who are "buying blind" will always be at a disadvantage. 

Chris DeWolfe, CEO, SGN
Interviewed by Michael Pachter, Managing Director, Wedbush

10:40-11:10 What Investors Look For in Great Games Companies

There have been some runaway success this year, including Supercell’s deal with GungHo and King’s move towards IPO, but what do investors look for when picking mobile gaming superstars?

  • Get an expert insight into what the industry’s leading investors look for in a games company
  • Acquisition is not cheap and to be successful, companies often spend hundreds of thousands on acquisition - funding is often essential, hear how you should pitch your company in order to be successful
  • You’ve got investment, what now? Understand the steps companies like Supercell have taken in order to achieve runaway success

Kristian Segerstrale, Investor, Initial Capital

11:10-11:55 BREAK

11:55-12:35 Maximize Acquisition and Monetization in the High Growth Mobile Gaming Market

Mobile games have blasted through the entertainment ecosystem hierarchy and timeline, providing the most fluid, volatile and opportunity-rich environment the world has ever seen. While mobile games have an average shelf life of about 12 months, there has never been a greater opportunity to reach such a large audience. This session will explore the ecosystem from the perspective of Unity Technologies’ CEO and Co-Founder.

  • Gain insight into the developer economy from the creator of one of the most utilized tools in the sector
  • Position your company to take advantage of the latest monetization and user acquisition tools and techniques on each platform
  • Hear how even the smallest indies can seize the opportunity to compete in the high-growth mobile gaming market

David Helgason, CEO and Co-Founder, Unity Technologies
Interviewed by Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer GamesBeat, VentureBeat

12:35-13:05 Mobile Gaming Data - What ARPU, LTV and Retention Rates Should You Expect?

Figures in mobile are very hard to come by. Kongregate have embraced mobile and are now able to share the data they have gathered. From average revenue per user to lifetime value, this session will cover everything you need to know to ensure your games retain and monetize effectively.

  • Understand how players interact with different mobile platforms - when do players stay on longer and at what point do they monetize best
  • Get real figures around monetization and retention

Emily Greer, CEO & Co-Founder, Kongregate

13:05-14:35 LUNCH

14:35-15:25 PANEL: Maximizing Player Acquisition

Player acquisition is perhaps the single biggest challenge for game publishers today. This session will explore the issues and what solutions are available to you today.

  • Get an experts view on acquiring the types of players that will continue playing your game
  • Hear how to keep acquisition targeted and costs down
  • Gain insight into the best acquisition strategies for the various platforms

Moderated by: Scott Brady, VP Sales & Analytics, StartApp
Scott Prather, VP Business Development & Developer Relations, Playphone
Stewart Bonn, Co-Founder, IfYouCan
Levi Buchanan, Sales Director, Chillingo

15:25-16:10 BREAK

16:10-17:00 PANEL: Player Retention and Analytics

Player retention is the key to a brand's long germ success. Whether retaining customers within a game or retaining them within a portfolio, this session will explore the tools and strategies you need to keep players engaged with your titles.

Moderated by: Scott Brady, VP Sales & Analytics, StartApp
Bob Colner, Director of Analytics and UA - Mobile, PerfectWorld
Andy Hess, Evangelist, Epic Games
Kyu Lee, President, Gamevil USA

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Day Two


08:30-09:15 WORKSHOP: Achieving Apple App Store Success

Player acquisition in iOS is notoriously difficult. This interactive workshop will give you an opportunity to learn from the experts and get the answers you need to achieve success sin your iOS titles.

  • Gain insight into getting your titles featured by Apple
  • Hear what worked for some of the most successful iOS titles, and what can be applied to your games
  • Get the low down on the latest iOS acquisition strategies
Michael Ehrenberg, Former App Store Marketing Manager, Apple


09:15-09:30 MINI-BREAK

09:30-10:10 Building a Brand in Mobile Gaming

Kabam has had record growth, more than doubling YoY gross revenue in 2013. This session will see Kabam’s Studio President explore how this growth was achieved and how Kabam has positioned itself as a powerful brand in mobile gaming.

  • Gain insight into how Kabam reaches their players and nurtures these relationships to build a loyal fan base
  • Hear how a large and loyal community is one of the best ways to build a brand in mobile gaming

Andrew Sheppard, President of Kabam Studios
Interviewed by Dean Takahshi, Lead Writer GamesBeat, VentureBeat

10:10-10:50 Building a Global Mobile Games Business

Mobile gaming is global. Few have created games that transcend borders and demographics, but those that have succeeded are reaping the benefits. This session will explore what you can do in your business to ensure the global success of your games.

  • Gain expert insight into the difficulties of building a global games from one of the industry’s most successful brand builders
  • Get the low down on the steps you can take to increase brand awareness through your titles, maximizing retention and brand loyalty along the way

Tommy Palm, Games Guru, King
Interviewed by Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer GamesBeat, VentureBeat

10:50-11:35 BREAK

11:35-12:05 The Next Billion - From Mobile Gaming to Owning the Living Room

As mobile developers, we are all looking for the next device or platform that will extend our content to new audiences and generate new revenues. Identifying "the next big thing" is easier said than done, however there are strong indications that the most important battle on mobile is for market share in the living room.

  • As technology improves, mobile players are increasingly showing a preference for high-fidelity, console style content
  • Developers that deliver rich content across all form factors, including in-home devices, stand the best chance of long-term success
  • Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo de Masi will address why developing for larger screens is absolutely the future of mobile gaming

Niccolo de Masi, CEO, Glu Mobile

12:05-12:35 The Vicious Battleground: The Challenge of Game Discovery & User Acquisition Optimization in a Competitive Marketplace

Mobile Game User Acquisition is becoming a virtual war zone with the App Store, Google Play and other marketplaces proving to be a vicious battle ground where the strongest survive and reap billions of dollars in revenue and the weak stumble through a dreary download wasteland. User Acquisition is proving to be ultra-competitive with costs creeping higher and higher to acquire users that monetize and provide a solid LTV. Arming yourself with the right marketing technologies & platforms, analytics, social outlets and traffic sources is key to optimization and winning the UA battle.

Future years will be marked by radical growth and shifts in the game space. Current intelligence is key to knowing the difference between a sound marketing investment and a money pit. Glenn Kiladis is Vice President, Industry Solutions & Emerging Channels and also leads the Global Mobile Games practice at Fiksu. Glenn will present up-to-the-minute insights and strategies to win the UA War.

Glenn Kiladis, VP of New Market and Media Solutions & Games Evangelist, Fiksu

12:35-14:05 LUNCH

14:10-14:55 PANEL: Bridging the Gap (East meets West)

As technology helps the world to become a smaller place, Eastern and Western markets continue to open up and new opportunities for mobile gaming companies arise. This session will explore some of the challenges gaming companies face as they expand globally.

  • Hear how to overcome cultural differences and different gaming expectations between Eastern and Western markets to maximize the global audience of your games
  • Get expert insight into the different playing habits of different geographies - how can you embrace digital to create games that adapt and cater for specific audiences based on location and behavior

Moderated by: Andrew Podolsky, Slide to Play
David Zemke, Director of Business Development, DeNA
Fabien Nicolas, GM Mobile, PerfectWorld
Sarah Teng, Head of Marketing, GameInsight

14:55-15:40 BREAK

15:40-16:30 PANEL: Mobile Technology is Evolving

Mobiles, tablets and phablets have short life-spans, with most users upgrading every 2 years. Gaming on tablets is now close to console quality and there are even devices that can stream content to 4K TVs. This session will explore that evolution and what it means for the way you create games.

  • What tech is available now and what does it mean for the games you can create?
  • Mobile is increasingly becoming a direct competitor for the home console with most activity occurring in the evenings, during the same hours console players are most active. Hear what we can expect in the next 2-3 years and what this means for the way we create and consume mobile games

Moderated by: John Gaudiosi
Wanda Meloni, CEO & Founder, M2 Research
Bill Rehbock, General Manager, Mobile Games/Tegrazone, Nvidia
Andy Hess, Evangelist, Epic Games
Jim Merrick, Director, Gaming & Graphics, Qualcomm

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