Mobile Gaming USA June 10-11, 2015 | San Francisco, USA
Global Games Day

2014 Agenda

Customer acquisition

A multi-channel approach to mobile game marketing

Your players consume entertainment through a wide variety of channels. Multiply you marketing routes and grow your playerbase.

  • Targeted television advertising reduces your cost of acquisition while exponentially growing brand and title awareness
  • Identify your demographic and build online campaigns around them - from product placement on Youtube to video advertising on streaming media platforms
  • Build metrics around all your marketing routes and maximize player acquisition and marketing ROI

Working with influencers

Bloggers, Youtubers and Twitch channels hold a lot of sway in gaming today. This session will explore how to leverage these channels to reach new audiences.

  • Flappy Bird got a huge amount of traction from PewDiePie’s YouTube video - understand how to decide on the right channels to promote your games
  • Gain insight into the metrics behind sponsored content - what results you can expect and how much it will cost
  • Hear the most effective ways to work with Twitch channels, YouTube celebrities and bloggers

Build a targeted acquisition strategy and maximize retention and ROI

The cost per install has continued to grow over the past 12 months - this is forcing developers and publishers to diversify their marketing strategies. ROI can still be achieved, but a more targeted approach needs to be taken.

  • Hear how the leading companies have switched to a more targeted approach ensuring higher RPU on acquired players
  • Learn about the best tools you can utilize to target your marketing to your player demographic
  • Understand your audience and demographic and create a targeted acquisition campaign gaining players that will pay

Create games that will get featured and exponentially grow discoverability

Getting featured is the most cost-effective route to expanding your playerbase. This session will explore what app-stores look for when selecting games to be featured.

  • Learn how you can build games that will get selected by app stores, exponentially growing day 1 player acquisition
  • Understand the features you need to build in to your titles in order to get noticed by app-store editors
  • Gain insight into how you can work with the leading app-stores and get your next title on the front page

Acquisition through cross-promotion: Building winning partnerships

Cross-promotion has become a central marketing strategy over the past 12 months, it is cheap and when down right, effective. This session will cover the steps you need to take to maximize the impact of your cross-promotion campaign.

  • Understand how to choose the best partners, maximizing acquisition without losing any of your players
  • Learn the best practice around UI and execution and maximize the results of your cross-promotion cmpaigns
  • Gain expert insight into the acquisition and conversion figures you can achieve through an effective cross-promotion campaign

Build a community around your titles and maximize engagement and virality

With the high cost of acquisition, the importance of basic marketing strategies has never bene more crucial.

  • Target your demographic where they spend their most time: set-up on the right forums and get people talking about your game from day one
  • Build relationship with the right press for your game and maximize your day one exposure
  • Identify the bloggers and social media stars with the most reach to your demographic and exponentially grow the reach and virality of your titles


Technological innovations in mobile devices

As the fastest moving sector in video games, technology in mobile devices is evolving just as quickly as games and business models.

  • Get the low down on the latest tech innovations coming in the next 12 months and build games that will stand out from the crowd
  • Gain insight into platform owners ambitions for their devices in 2015 and beyond
  • Strategize around VR and wearables and ensure you are placed ahead of your competitors to capitalize on these emerging trends

A market moving towards richer experiences

Discoverability remains a key challenge for almost every mobile developer. Increased quality and richer experiences are a core strategy for most companies looking to stand out from the competition.

  • Marketing budgets have ballooned, now production budgets are growing too. Learn how increasing spending at the prototyping stage will lead to a higher ROI when on the market
  • Create a fun and engaging core game mechanic before moving onto production and development
  • Hear how the best games are the ones with better production values and create games that engage and entrance players for years rather than months

One platform strategy

Maximise day one acquisition by tailoring a game to the capabilities of one platform and launching as an exclusive.

  • As app-store editors look for device selling games, create a title that takes advantage of a chosen platform and work towards getting featured
  • Gain insight into how concentrating efforts into a successful single platform launch will lead to success in a subsequent multi-platform release
  • Understand where to find the right app-store contacts for your game and what you need to do in order to get noticed by them

A vast pool of development platforms

Unity has grown at an astonishing rate, but what else is out there and how can you benefit from broadening the number of tools you use when creating your next title

  • Assess the latest cross-platform development tools that will make your games stand out from the competition
  • Evaluate the different tools available and choose tools that fit the genre of your games

App store round-up

It’s not a two horse race. Explore the wide range of platforms that will help you reach your players.

  • Launch on Amazon or Windows and gain greater access to app store managers and a less competitive market place
  • Hear how acquisition, retention and monetization on Amazon and Windows differs from Android and iOS, create games that capitalize on the difference maximizing revenues


Tailored analytics strategies for individual releases

No serious mobile game is released without built in analytics. As the market matures, it is important to get your analytics strategy water-tight - maximizing RPU.

  • Gain insight into how the most successful companies analyse player behaviour and maximise conversion and retention in your titles
  • Hear how the best titles have bespoke analytics built into them, enabling the finest details to be extracted - maximizing LTV and RPU

Long-term, back-end support for your titles

Releasing a successful mobile game, particularly in F2P, requires in-depth strategies for on-going support. This session will explore how a solid back-end strategy will increase revenue across all your titles.

  • Gain insight into update cycles and keep your players engaged and games monetizing over the long term
  • Identify friction points and tackle them swiftly, ensuring minimal drop-off and maximum conversion

Working with analytics partners

A solid analytics strategy includes in-house solution as-well as middleware.

  • Learn from the experts how to build the best hybrid analytics system, giving you player insight that far outperforms your competitors
  • Understand the analytics elements you need to keep in house and those that 3rd party software are ideal for, strike the perfect balance and maximise the transparency of your game metrics
  • Hear how the various middleware solutions apply to different games and choose the one that will deliver the best results for your titles

Create a transparent game economy

In every F2P strategy it is crucial for players to see and understand the value of their purchases and not feel like they must pay to proceed.

  • Get expert insight into creating transparent game economies and build dedicated, trusting fanbases around your F2P titles
  • Hear how a strong analytics strategy will help shape your in0game economy


Hyperlocalization is now crucial for any international release

A good localization partner is important, but localization alone won’t get you noticed in emerging global markets.

  • Get the low down on how hyperlocalization is being used by the most successful international games to engage new audiences
  • Understand how to build the partnerships that will allow you to hyperlocalize your games
  • Hear how hyperlocalized content will make your games monetize according to geographic F2P spending practices - maximizing global income 

Rebuilding games for target market

With markets like China now offering huge potential - creating fresh content is crucial.

  • Find out which games translate well and which need to be re-built from scratch for the new market
  • Conforming to local regulations is crucial to a game’s success, take regulation into account at development stage and start on the front foot 

Monetisation drivers for new markets

Every market monetizes differently. This session will explore how markets differ from each other in terms of F2P spending patterns.

  • Get expert insight into the markets where player pay-to-win and create games that are profitable from launch
  • Understanding the monetisation drivers of different markets and create game economies that maximize your global revenues

Finding the perfect international partner

Some markets are easier to launch in than other, often a partner is crucial to success in new markets.

  • Evaluate which markets need a partner and how to  find the one that will work best for your titles
  • Discover how to find and approach Asian partners, when can you just approach them and when should you look for introductions instead
  • Understand how partners can vary by genre and take an approach that will maximize the reach to your player demographic



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