Mobile Gaming USA June 10-11, 2015 | San Francisco, USA
Global Games Day


Mobile Gaming USA Global Games Day


Mobile gaming industry analysis 2015/2016

The mobile gaming industry is continuing to grow at a staggering rate globally. Consolidation in the North American market continues and growth in Asia is stratospheric. This session will explore the state of the industry today and where it is headed in the next 12 -24 months.

  • Hear how the global mobile games market will reach $25B in 2017E, where are the biggest growth areas and how should you position your games business for growth
  • Asia is set to gain an additional 200,000 monthly active users over the next two years, China is not the only player - gain insight into the different markets and understand where the biggest opportunities lie
  • As marketing costs skyrocket, M&As reach an all-time high in 2014 for mobile companies at over $5B

Stephanie Llamas, Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights, SuperDataResearch

A multi-channel approach to mobile game marketing

Your players consume entertainment through a wide variety of channels. Multiply you marketing routes and grow your playerbase.

  • Targeted television advertising reduces your cost of acquisition while exponentially growing brand and title awareness
  • Identify your demographic and build online campaigns around them - from product placement on Youtube to video advertising on streaming media platforms
  • Build metrics around all your marketing routes and maximize player acquisition and marketing ROI

Gordon Bellamy, Industry Consultant
Pepe Agell, Head of International, Chartboost
Jameel Khalfan, Director of Publishing & BD, PocketGems

Build a targeted acquisition strategy and maximize retention and ROI

The cost per install has continued to grow over the past 12 months - this is forcing developers and publishers to diversify their marketing strategies. ROI can still be achieved, but a more targeted approach needs to be taken.

  • Hear how the leading companies have switched to a more targeted approach ensuring higher RPU on acquired players
  • Learn about the best tools you can utilize to target your marketing to your player demographic
  • Understand your audience and demographic and create a targeted acquisition campaign gaining players that will pay

Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat at VentureBeat
Gabriel Goldwasser, US Marketing Director, Gameloft
Jeferson Valadares, GM Product Development, Namco Bandai

Develop on Android and find success on Google Play

With over 78% of smartphones and 62% of tablets running on Android, and $7B paid out to developers, Google Play is experiencing incredible momentum. This session will cover the steps you need to take to maximize success in the Google Play store.

  • Get an inside track on what Google editors look for when selecting which games get featured and maximize the discoverability of your game
  • Gain insight into the tips and tricks you need to maximize the number of players in your games
  • Use Google Play efficiently and maximize the success of your mobile game business

Bob Meese, Head of Games Business Development, Google Play

Diverting the 800-pound gorilla: 10 surefire ways for publishers to fail the transition to mobile

The fading of social gaming, fickleness of F2P and difference from core business models are some of the reasons established players came to the mobile party late. This session will explore how those attitudes haven’t changed fast enough and what industry juggernauts still need to do (and crucially, not do) in order to grow their mobile footprint.

  • Gain insight into how best to leverage existing IP - avoiding poorly translated ports of hit console titles and bad licensing deals
  • Hear how to leverage you existing audiences whilst also reaching the plethora of new players mobile has to offer
  • Get an experts view on the steps you must avoid and maximize your mobile success

Jeferson Valadares, Namco Bandai

Build a community around your titles and maximize engagement and virality

With the high cost of acquisition, the importance of basic marketing strategies has never bene more crucial.

  • Target your demographic where they spend their most time: set-up on the right forums and get people talking about your game from day one
  • Build relationship with the right press for your game and maximize your day one exposure
  • Identify the bloggers and social media stars with the most reach to your demographic and exponentially grow the reach and virality of your titles

Chris DeWolfe, CEO, SGN

Monetizing Free-to-Play: Making the Most of In-App Purchases and Ads

In-app purchases (IAP) comprise a large share of in-game revenue today and are often driven by paying power users (a.k.a ‘whales’), which typically make up less than five percent of the total user base. This session will look at how you can boost revenues through in-game-advertising without compromising IAP revenue.

  • Hear how effective use of ads can supplement monetization for the remaining ninety-five percent of non-paying users
  • Ads can be used to reinforce IAP without getting in the way of gameplay or risking losing payers
  • Lear how to show the right message to the right user at the right time and maximize monetization alongside retention

Alejandro Manchado, BD Lead Gaming, Google

Support your titles from launch and throughout their lifetime, maximizing retention and monetization mechanics

Releasing a successful mobile game, particularly in F2P, requires in-depth strategies for on-going support. This session will explore how a solid back-end strategy will increase revenue across all your titles.

  • Gain insight into update cycles and keep your players engaged and games monetizing over the long term
  • Identify friction points and tackle them swiftly, ensuring minimal drop-off and maximum conversion

Wanda Meloni, Founder & Senior Analyst, M2 Research
Virginie Grange, Director Business Development, Microsoft
Bryan Mashinter, Game Director, Backflip Studios

Mobile gaming VCs - what we invest in and why

Leading VCs talk about some of their recent investment, their decision making when faced with investment and what not to invest in.

  • Meet the VCs actually investing in companies like yours, now
  • Gain insight into how to pitch to VCs and maximize investment in your next round
  • Hear case studies of recent investments and what made those companies an attractive investment

Gordon Bellamy, Industry Consultant
Sunny Dhillon, Principal at Signia Ventures
Clinton Foy, Managing Director & General Partner, Crosscut Ventures

Build a community around your titles and maximize engagement and virality

With the high cost of acquisition, the importance of basic marketing strategies has never bene more crucial.

  • Target your demographic where they spend their most time: set-up on the right forums and get people talking about your game from day one
  • Build relationship with the right press for your game and maximize your day one exposure
  • Identify the bloggers and social media stars with the most reach to your demographic and exponentially grow the reach and virality of your titles


Creating a transparent game economy

In every F2P strategy it is crucial for players to see and understand the value of their purchases and not feel like they must pay to proceed.

  • Get expert insight into creating transparent game economies and build dedicated, trusting fan-bases around your F2P titles
  • Hear how a strong analytics strategy will help shape your in0game economy


A market moving towards richer experiences

Discoverability remains a key challenge for almost every mobile developer. Increased quality and richer experiences are a core strategy for most companies looking to stand out from the competition.

  • Marketing budgets have ballooned, now production budgets are growing too. Learn how increasing spending at the prototyping stage will lead to a higher ROI when on the market
  • Create a fun and engaging core game mechanic before moving onto production and development
  • Hear how the best games are the ones with better production values and create games that engage and entrance players for years rather than months

Mobile Gaming USA Global Games Day



Asia games market overview

The Asian games market is set to reach 50% of total global games revenue in 2015. With double digit YoY growth, new companies are emerging and established players are trying to get a foothold.

  • Gain insight into the companies that are succeeding today and how you can position your company to share in the spoils
  • Hear an expert view on the strategies you need to implement in order to maximize the reach of your titles in Asia
  • Get an overview of the Asian mobile gaming market - which markets are experiencing the most growth and where are barriers to entry lowest

Josh Burns, Consultant

Understanding the Chines mobile game economy - maximize game monetization in China

This session will explore the Chinese game economy. Learn how you can create games that will excel in the Chinese mobile games market.

  • Learn how retention mechanics differ in the Chinese market and create games that get players hooked form day 1
  • Understand why players in China convert to payers and maximize conversion and ARPU
  • Hear about the games that are achieving the most success today and how their game economies are built

Keith McCurdy, CEO, Golden Gate Games

Launching a games business in china

Ubisoft were one of the first western games companies to open studios in China. This session will look at how they went from outsourcing to include development for the local market.

  • Hear how to successfully launch a development studio in China - what are the pitfalls and what will you gain by doing this
  • Get the low down on the massive opportunities in the Chinese games market and how Ubisoft overcame challenges and developed content for the local audience
  • Learn about the challenges companies will face when launching a business unit in China

Chris Early, VP Digital, Ubisoft

Succeeding in fragmented APAC marketplace

Experience growth in all markets as smartphone penetration continues to skyrocket, APAC is too big an opportunity for games companies today to miss.

  • A fragmented market culturally and linguistically, learn how to overcome these challegnes and achieve success in multiple markets
  • Hear how monetization differs from one APAC market to another
  • Gain insight into the partners that can maximize your reach and success in APAC markets

David Piao Chu, VP USA, Reality Squared Games
Rick Liu, VP BD, AsiaPac, NativeX
Dennis Yi, Business Development, Gamevil

Leveraging successful IP to maximize success in new markets

Having strong IP definitely helps when approaching any market. This session will focus on how success in one market can be leveraged to achieve success in a new market.

  • Understand how best to translate IP across to new markets and cultures, keeping brand familiarity whilst adapting to local markets
  • Gain insight into how some of the largest players have built globally successful brand and recognised IP

Greg Esseig, VP, Funplus
Sam Lawn, CFO, Taomee
Harry Liu, CEO, Nox Mobile

Launching your games in China

The Chinese games market is fragmented with a wide range of distribution options and a vastly different way of consuming content. This session will explore the strategies that will help you build a game that will succeed in China.

  • Understand the steps you need to take when taking IP over to China and maximize the success of your titles
  • Gain expert insight into the in-depth culturalization you need to do to your titles and how you can find partners to help you do it
  • Learn how to build a targeted distribution strategy based on your core demographic

Ryan DeSanto, Business Development, Netease
Daniel Kam, Associate Director, 360
Lei Zhang, US MD, Chuckong
Roy Liu, President, Forgame USA

Mobile Gaming USA Global Games Day



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