Global Games Day June 11, 2015 | San Francisco, USA
Mobile Gaming USA

Market intelligence, platform partners and consumer insight you need to succeed in Asia

Mobile Gaming USA

  • Platforms in a fragmented marketplace - Get in-depth analysis of the fragmented Chinese marketplace and position your company to make games that ahve the widest possible reach
  • Working with local partners - Thousands of miles from your HQ, finding the right partner can be tough - meet the key partners and understand how each one can help you
  • Hyperlocalization - The key to a title's international success is localization - but when entering a market so different your only chance of success is hyperlocalization
  • Differing game mechanics - Games are consumed differently by different groups. Understand the nuances of the Asian markets - and adapt your games accordingly - maximizing ROI

2015 Speakers:


Ryan DeSanto

Daniel Kam
Associate Director

Sam Lawn
Chukong USA

Kyu Lee
Gamevil USA
Chukong USA

Davey Jackson
Business Development

Dennis Yi
Business Development

Break into Asia and capitalize on the world's fastest growing games market

  • Market insight - Use the right analytics tools to pre-empt player behaviour and boost player retention and monetization
  • Monetization - Strategies to maximize monetization of your titles based on your target audience
  • China - Soon to be the world's largest mobile games market, understand the Chinese market and enter the fragmented SE Asian market after
  • License IP - Understand when licensing IP will be the best way to raise your brand awareness and revenue in a new market

The Chinese mobile games market grew an astonishing 93% in 2014 with growth forecast to cintinue at 40% YoY between 2015 and 2018. The opportunity to look for success in new markets has never been bigger. Western markets are crowded and discoverability is expensive, Asian market by contrast is extremely fragmented and opportunities are huge - so long as your strategy and delivery are water-tight.

An array of challenges exist:

  • Handset fragmentation - Android domintate, though iOS is still a contender, but with over 4,000 devices using Android, making a game that will work on the widest range of devices
  • Business models - 37% of players spend monday in China, players respond to different triggers and many players will pay to progress
  • Distribution platforms - Android might be the dominant OS, but Google Play is not the dominant distribution platform. Working with the distributors and publishers like Tencent and Weibo is crucial.
  • Game design - Games need to be re-engineered for Asian markets - rigth from monetization to art. Gain in-depth knowledge of local markets and design games that are built to succeed

Fortunately, the industries key business leaders are coming together to answer these challenges and more, during two days intense discussions and networking at Global Games Day 2015.

Global Games Day - Your roadmap to success in Asia

The video games industry’s biggest players including Chuckong, iDreamSky, Google Play, Facebook, Glu and many more will come together to tackle the industry’s burning questions and provide your business with the perfect platform for gaming success in Asia.

An amazing faculty of speakers:

  • Lei Zhang, GM, Chuckong USA
  • Harry Liu, CEO, NoxMob
  • Rick Liu, VP Asia-Pacific, NativeX
  • Gordon Bellamy, Senior Advisor, iDreamsky
  • Josh Burns, Consultant
  • Niccolo De Masi, CEO, Glu
  • Alejandro Manchado, Business Development Lead Gaming, Google
  • Pepe Agell, Head of International, Chartboost
  • Wanda Meloni, Founder & Senior Analyst, M2 Research
  • Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer GamesBeat, VentureBeat

Over 180 senior publishing/development mobile gaming executives will be in attendance to build valuable partnerships, form mobile strategy and position their business for long term success. The industry researched agenda will equip you with the business critical information you need.

The 3rd Annual Mobile Gaming USA 2015 & Global Games Day 2015 have been put together after months of extensive research and following the hugely successful chain of events in Europe and the USA. Designed to deliver the business critical answers around F2P business models, player acquisition and platform strategies that will drive forward growth in your business. Our expert speakers are leaders in the industry and will deliver in-depth analysis on:

  • The best discoverability tools
  • Aanalytics solutions that will drive retention and monetization
  • Game mechanics that will improve player experience and drive conversion rates higher and higher
  • F2P strategies to beat the competition and create the next global blockbuster
  • Leverage existing players and IPs and grow revenues in the fastest growing sector in games

3 important reasons you need to attend Mobile Gaming USA

  • Exclusive market insights: Mobile Gaming USA brings you the leading experts in the space delivering the strategies and insights that are driving forward the most successful companies in mobile today
  • Extended networking opportunities: Organised dinners, 2 evening networking parties and a host of networking sessions! This summit will give your team the opportunity to meet with all the industry’s biggest players, to enable you to build partnerships and do business with the greatest innovators in video games
  • Product launches & expo: The perfect forum with leaders from across the industry, our events always feature exclusive product launches and essential expo zones from the most innovative players in video games today

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