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Mobile Gaming USA

May 14-15, 2013, San Francisco

Identifying the biggest opportunities for distribution, discovery, marketing, and monetization in mobile gaming

Join 200+ Developers and Publishers at America's Largest Mobile Gaming Conference

  • Dissecting the developer/publisher relationship - Find out the keys to building effective, long-term partnerships on hit mobile games.
  • Investigating F2P monetization - We share the latest best practice strategies to help you boost revenue for your game titles.
  • Understanding user acquisition - An expert team of user acquisition specialists will break down their keys to finding new audiences at prices that won't break the bank.
  • Tackling the tablet market - Evaluate the plethora of new entrants to the marketplace, as we help you identify the tablets that offer the best ROI for your development budget.
  • Navigating the funding frenzy - From acceleration to crowdfunding programs, we'll explain the steps needed to find the right funding opportunities for your business.

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Activision Gamevil Wooga GREE
Namco Bandai Game Insight Playstation Mobile GameFly

The biggest names in mobile games are coming to the Bay Area, make sure you're there to join them!

  • Dan Winters (VP External Relations, Activision)
  • Kyu Lee (President, Gamevil USA)
  • Chris Pitz (VP Marketing & Publishing, Kabam)
  • Pany Haritaros (VP of Mobile, Kongregate)
  • Shanti Bergel (SVP Business & Corporate Development, GREE)
  • Sean Spector (SVP Business Development & Content, GameFly)
  • Alex Adjadj (Director of Strategic Development, NAMCO BANDAI Games America)
  • Chris Mahoney (Director of Emerging Platforms, PlayStation)
  • Kenny Rosenblatt (CEO, Arkadium)
  • Eyal Rabinovich (VP Marketing, PlayScape)
  • Dr. Hanno Fichtner (Co-founder & Managing Director US, AppLift)
  • Henry Oh (Director of Strategic Initiatives,  Animoca)

Do you:

  • Develop or publish mobile games?
  • Manufacture smartphones or tablets with gaming functionalities, or serve as an OEM?
  • Represent brands or companies that are interested in having their own mobile game created?
  • Work for a wireless carrier that provides and sells mobile games to your subscribers?
  • Invest in mobile game or app development studios?
  • Provide services to the mobile gaming community? (game engines, data hosting, A/B testing, analytics, monetization, distribution, in-game advertising, cross-promotion, app discovery, rewards, user acquisition, virtual goods, mobile payments, content delivery, etc.)

If any of the above are applicable to you or your business, Mobile Gaming USA West is an event that you can't afford to miss. If you have been struggling to find a conference that allows you to hear from both established industry thought leaders and some of the brightest emerging voices in mobile gaming, then your wait is officially over.

From acceleration programs to user acquisition, Mobile Gaming USA West has all the most pressing topics covered by our extensive roster of expert speakers. You'll get the answers you need in order to determine how your organization can adapt and thrive in today's mobile gaming marketplace.

Click here to see our expert faculty of speakers at Mobile Gaming USA West

Recent market research reports have now confirmed what senior execs in the gaming industry are already well aware of as we enter 2013: America has officially become a mobile gaming nation.

As of Q4 2012, there are now over 100 million mobile gamers in the United States, one-third of America's population. Thanks to major smartphone and tablet releases from Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung that all feature state-of-the-art gaming capabilities the mobile gaming industry will continue to sustain rapid growth in 2013 and beyond.

With great opportunity also come immense challenges, and the expansion of the mobile gaming industry has brought the key issues of marketing, monetization, distribution, and discovery of games to the forefront of game studios everywhere.

Back for a second year, our flagship Mobile Gaming USA West conference was created specifically to address the challenges that mobile game developers and publishers are facing as they look to thrive in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Check out our attendees from last year's Mobile Gaming USA West conference!

There's an urgent need to bring together senior execs from across the mobile gaming community to discuss both the present and future within the larger context of the gaming industry as a whole.

Attendees of last year's Mobile Gaming USA summit in San Francisco, which featured 180 senior-level execs from throughout the industry, can expect to see even bigger names on stage for our 2013 conference.

Key players from some of the biggest names in mobile games, including SEGA, GREE, Activision, and Gamevil will all be on hand to provide their expertise on the state of mobile gaming, while helping us identify where the industry is heading in the future.

We hope you'll be there to join us for the second edition of Mobile Gaming USA West in San Francisco!


Past Attendees of Mobile Gaming USA

Zynga Gameloft DeNA Ubisoft
PlayStation GameStop PocketGems Indiegogo

Critical Issues to be Covered This Year Include...

  • Mobile Gaming's Next Big Markets - From the rise of Latin America to the emergence of social casino games on mobile devices, you'll discover how to take advantage of what's next in mobile gaming.
  • Upgrading the User Experience - Whether it's slow cross-platform performance or poor audio quality, the easiest way to lose a gamer is a subpar user experience. Learn how to improve the user experience of your game titles, so that your core audiences will be better engaged for the long haul.
  • Being the Big Fish in the Smaller Ponds - With so much focus on iOS and Android, it's easy to forget that there are many other worthwhile platforms to develop mobile games for. From analyzing app stores to breaking down incentives offers, we'll present the keys to successfully marketing and monetizing games for platforms outside the iOS and Android bubble.

Our Two-Day Conference Includes:

  • Presentations - Hear the inside scoop on the pressing issues facing the mobile gaming industry from our esteemed faculty of management level speakers at Mobile Gaming USA West.
  • Case Studies - Being right is always gratifying, but sometimes it's just as important to understand what doesn't work. Our case studies feature both established names and fresh voices in mobile gaming that will share their experiences to inform you not only where they succeeded, but also what they can improve on in the future.
  • Panels - From cross-promotion to crowdfunding, Mobile Gaming USA West brings together senior execs for engaging panel discussions with the perfect mix of banter and substance.
  • Exhibitions - Leading technology and service providers to the mobile gaming industry will be on-site to display and demonstrate their innovative products in our exhibit hall.


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