Organized by Video Gaming Intelligence
Mobile Gaming Europe
November 20-21 2013 | London

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The hot topics of discussion

9:00 Chairman opening remarks - Oscar Clark, Applifier 

9:10 Mobile Games market overview

An overview of the addressable market for mobile games highlighting current opportunities and future trends with an examination of which business models are leading the way around the world. This session will set the scene for the conference.

  • Market overview; future market trends, biggest opportunities and possible disruptions on the way
  • Operating system dynamics, their strengths and weaknesses and which ones will prevail
  • Business models driving the mobile market and the role of advertising

Nick Parker, CEO & Founder, Parker Consultancy 

9:40 Contrary Popular Design 

Learn how to develop pioneering new ideas and game mechanics by embracing conformity and seeking out inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Get an inside view of how this signature process and design philosophy has made waves creating unique experiences for unexpected audiences.

  • Participate in the design process used to create Circadia, Tomb Breaker, and Twirdie.
  • Understand how to talk and market your innovative and unique game
  • Learn how to incorporate contrary popular design into any new product to help it stand out from the crowd. 

Kurt Bieg, Founder, Simple Machine

10:10 Games and Social Networking: Socially interesting?

To make a social game can prove to be a great venture. But to make a game which has fun, attractive social aspects is something that few have achieved. In this session learn how to bring out the social fun of your game to be as socially interesting as social media.

  • Expert insight into what social aspects to include in your game to make it socially fun
  • Learn the best ways to push your games social virility without spamming
  • Discover the best strategies to make your game socially interesting to boost retention

Nicholas Lovell, 
Director, GamesBrief

Volker Hirsch, Director, Scoreloop
Erica May,
Product Manager, Mind Candy
Adam Jaffe, 
VP of Growth, SGN

10:50 Networking Coffee Break

11:25 Growing Your Mobile Gaming Business

While some mobile developers are still looking for their first hit, others are looking to grow and expand. What are the best ways to grow your business in mobile gaming? Attend this session for key insights into finding and retaining key talent, as well as into expanding your product offering and audiences beyond your front door.

  • Learn important insights into creating sustainable growth for your mobile gaming company in terms of revenue, expenses, and headcount
  • Gain a new perspective on the age-old question of mobile gaming platforms
  • Get insider info on international mobile gaming markets worldwide, including which mobile territories provide the best opportunities right now

Darya Trushkina, VP Business Development, Game-Insight

11:55 Keynote Presentation: Challenge accepted – mobile games in the cloud.

Developing, launching and maintaining a mobile game is governed by survival of the fittest and the smartest. Wisely chosen cloud hosting can provide you with an always on, high performance and quick-responding experience, that your fans are expecting, allowing you to sidestep the common landmines of bringing your mobile game to the top.

  • Understand how cloud hosting infrastructure behind a game makes a difference and what are the key flavours of cloud
  • Learn how automation, rapid scalability and robust global network are game changers, and how to optimize your dev, testing and production environments
  • Based on real life case study, see the importance of thinking beyond game design, code and promotion
  • Don’t let success overwhelm you!: Key tips on how to get ready for success and how to avoid turning it into the end of your business

Jonathan Wisler, General Manager EMEA, SoftLayer, an IBM Company

12:20 Lunch Break

13:20 Round table discussions session/ Business meeting break

Show off your expertise and enter discussions with top execs in round table discussions sessions. Sign up upon registration for one of two round talble discussions focussed on:

  • How do you to get your game discovered and Crack the F2P Market? 
  • What’s the best way to build Brand Loyalty, Life-Time Value and boost user retention?

*10 seats available per discussion and given on a first come first serve basis. Sign up either upon registration, or early by emailing:

If you are not participating in a round table then use this time to hold meetings and network with fellow attendees, speakers and event sponsors

14:20 Identify, Acquire and Monetize new users

In this presentation Adam Jaffe of SGN will give you a thorough breakdown of the best strategy to identify, acquire and monetize new players.

  • Identify who your users are, what games they play and how much you can pay for them
  • Learn to know your LTVS, building a campaign, tracking installs and collecting data to better your acquisition and increase ROI
  • Understand your users d1,d7,d30 retention, look for monetization hooks, manage your community and tap into your current user base

Adam Jaffe, VP of Growth, SGN

14:50 Game Production for the Mobile Generation

Game development can be a high risk venture. Learn how to sharpen the development process to maximize quality while reducing costs. By combining the best of indie development and large scale production there are a few simple things you can do that will make a direct impact on your bottom line.

  • Learn to use goals and constraints to get the best out of your game development and make a better game
  • How to foster trust and create self-actualizing teams to increase development efficiency
  • Integrate “Rhythm of Business” methods to understand your audience and save money.

 Steve Stopps, Chief Disruptor, Kumotion

15:20 Quick Networking Coffee Break

15:50 Mobile Game Discovery

To get your game discovered by new users is becoming more difficult and more expensive as big labels come into the market and spend vast sums of money on acquisition.

  • Learn from experts on how to sidestep rising user acquisition costs and keep your game discoverable on a budget
  • See what marketing options are available to you to boost your games discoverability
  • Hear the vital aspects you need in your new game to ensure its discovered and gets featured

Nicholas Lovell, Director, GamesBrief

Tony Pearce, CEO, GamesGrabr
Steve Stopps, Chief Disruptor, Kumotion
Fabien Nicolas, GM, Perfect World
Mark Pallis, 
Creative Director, Pace Media
Glenn Kiladis, VP & General Manager FreeMyApps, Fiksu

16:30 - 18:10 - Sponsored Cocktail party 


Conference Agenda Day 2 

9:00 Chairman opening remarks - Matthieu Saint- Denis, Fabzat

9:10 The Value of Gaming with Google

The broad adoption of games by a wide audience over the last few years has dramatically changed the nature of making games - both how, and for whom, you build has shifted.  In this session Google aims to help you understand how best to take advantage of these shifts, focusing on:

  • Making the most of the gaming audience shift
  • Delivering tools to help you engage them
  • Building for potentially massive audience scale

Ross Brockman, Strategic Partner Lead, Google

9:40 Get Discovered & Grow: Reaching the Right Mobile Gamers

Akin Babayigit, Platform Partnerships at Facebook, will talk about how to build, grow and promote your games and how to reach out to the right mobile users.  

  • Understand how to build, grow and promote you mobile applications to improve your chances of getting discovered
  • Learn how to fully utilise all of Facebook's channels
  • Get expert insight into why everyone is talking about Mobile solutions right now

Akin Babayigit, Platform partnerships, Facebook

10:10 Jammin’ - “Ain't no rules, ain't no vow, we can do it anyhow”

Game Jams are concentrated versions of our game-making passion, creativity and struggle. They rightfully grab the headlines as the intensity of these sessions combined with the wacky ideas produced are exciting and motivational. On the other hand, the commercial success rate of games created in jams are less than consistent. One can argue they produce marmite more often than jam.

  • What are the benefits and risks of Game Jams?
  • How does Bossa use Game Jams internally?
  • Lessons learnt from Surgeon Simulator 2013 and other Jam Games of Bossa.

Imre Jele, Co- Founder, Bossa Studios

10:40 Networking Coffee Break 

11:10 Games for marketing

Marketing agencies are making a concerted push towards smart device gaming to increase their audience and retention levels.  In this session you’ll see the industry from a different viewpoint and learn what experts in branding consider important in a title.

  • Case Study: LEGO mobile marketing games
  • Learn new strategies about entertaining specific audiences in games
  • Explore what the future of mobile marketing games might look like and position your business in the right place for tomorrows mobile gaming.

Mike Hawkyard, CEO, Amuzo Games/ 4T2 Multimedia

11:40 The BADLAND post-mortem

Teemu Maki-Patola from Frogmind, the App store best design award winner will explain the successes of BADLAND, a premium price game that sold over 100,000 copies in its first week in the iOS app store. Explore the development of BADLAND and understand the choices and efforts the team made to launch their game with such success in the app store.

  • Examine the choices made by Frogmind in the development and launch of BADLAND
  • Receive tips on how to succeed with a premium priced indie game and a tiny team in one of the world's most competitive markets - the iOS App Store
  • Learn what steps and efforts we made in order to stand out from the massive amount of games available on the store

Teemu Mäki-Patola, COO/CMO, Frogmind

12:10 Monetise without spending

In a market where acquiring users and advertising are getting more & more expensive, learn how to attract and engage consumers without spending anything (or almost...), get real data and case studies behind highly engaging and downloaded games.

  • Oh Bibi's philosophy: coupling fun & emotion driven design to state of the art monetization techniques
  • Power of the hook: how to attract users and generate downloads in an organic way
  • TV is good for you: how to build TV-like retention, making games as addictive and appealing as your favorite TV show
  • Community engagement is game design, build a passionate community and make them work for you

Martial Valery, Masterchef, Oh Bibi (Formerly World Content Director, Gameloft)

12:40 Lunch Break 

13:50 How Did a Known Hidden Object PC Adventure Game Company Crack the Free-to-Play Mobile Market?

Learn how BigFish successfully went from a hidden object adventure revenue driven company to a mobile F2P revenue driven company with great success.

  • How Big Fish evolved from a publisher of primarily Hidden Object premium content to a publisher of chart topping free-to-play content in the mobile market
  • The top 5 mistakes made developing free-to-play games, what to learn from them, and how Big Fish applied those learning to garner success
  • BigFish cracked F2P in chart topping content on both mobile and PC, understand how in case studies of: “Fairway Solitaire”, “Casino” – Continual growth story, “Farm up” F2P success story, “Found”(PC)

Jessica Sachs, Director developer communications, BigFish

14:20 Mobile Game Compatibility

To make a game which is configured to the appropriate devices for your target audience has become harder. In this session you will

  • Learn how to sidestep variance in device performance and make your game available on more devices
  • Understand how to target the right devices being used by the right people and boost your games success
  • Expert tips on how you can save time and sidestep the compatibility issue and be available on the maximum number of devices

Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO, Digital Legends

14:50 The Mobile Gold rush

They said the only real winners were those who sold the pick-axes… In this session hear from the top global developers and publishers on their experiences and successes in the Mobile market Gold Rush, chaired by one of the founding fathers of the British games industry Ian Livingstone.

  • Learn who the real winners and losers were in the mobile “Gold rush” and why
  • Understand the take home lessons from the mass mobile market influx
  • Moving forward; see how the lessons learned from the Gold Rush be applied to the future

Ian Livingstone, Life President, Eidos

Jason Avent, Managing Director, Boss Alien
Kevin Hogan, 
Director Product Strategy, Mediatonic
Tomas Piktozis, Director of Developer Relations EMEA, SponsorPay

15:30 The Power of Experiments

Getting traction on a new platform or with a new business model can be tough. In this session, you'll pick up a host of ideas for learning fast and experimenting your way to success. In particular, the session will cover:

  • How to build a AAA game as a service, and grow a passionate community at the same time
  • How to find the right balance for a 'minimal viable product
  • 25 ideas for small experiments which may have a big effect on your acquisition, retention and monetisation

Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO, nDreams


Conference concludes at 16:00.


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