Game Monetisation Europe

April 29-30, 2015 | London

Analyse And Maximise Game Monetisation

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Vital Reasons To Attend 

  • Crunch the data to maximise acquisition and retention in your games
  • Maximise customer experience in F2P
  • Market leading case studies to analyse successes and failures in to create a killer monetisation strategy across your titles
  • Increase revenue 10 fold with games-as-a-service
  • Frictionless monetisation mechanics to convert payers to players and maximise RPU

Expert 2015 Speakers Include:

Ken Go

Ken Go
Managing Director
Dave Ranyard

Dave Ranyard
Studio Director
Sony Computer Entertainment
Ben Devienne

Ben Devienne
Head of Data Science

The video games industry will reach a staggering $80 Billion in 2014, with 11% YOY growth to 2018.

Mobile and touch screen technologies have brought our industry from a splinter culture to a central one. We’re in a new era for games, with a new generation of gamers and huge new possibilities for developers and publishers alike.

But as an industry we’ve not been able to develop strategies to consistently monetize across all our titles. As development and game management costs continue to rise, pressure piles on to acquire, retain and monetize users at better rates than we currently are.

In mobile only 3% of users who walk through our doors convert in to players, lots more never even begin to play and only 2% of mobile game companies are breaking even. While at the same time audiences for PC and Console are squeezed by new technologies, making it vital to create successful monetization strategies and new revenue streams to maintain margins.

Game Monetisation Europe brings together the brightest minds in our industries from the biggest game developers and publishers so together we can tackle the most critical challenge in gaming: Monetisation.

  • Organise 1-1 meetings onsite to get the knowledge and develop the relationships you need to see the money flooding in from your games
  • Industry leading experts give their renowned insight to make your games make more money
  • 2 days of dedicated networking: The Game Monetisation Summit is the biggest meeting of Sr executives and industry leaders in the field of monetisation with an unrivalled wealth of knowledge to drive our industry forward 
  • Round table discussions with your peers to get to the heart of your monetisation challenges


Supporters and attendees:

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and everything about it. The organization, the presentations, also how you guys made me feel at home. No gripes but praise for me in regards to the Event

Andraz Bole, Duda Gamesoft

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Game Monetisation Europe - Your key to success in an increasingly competitive landscape

Following months of research Game Monetization 2014 has been put together to deliver the answers to the most critical challenges you’re facing. Our expert speakers deliver in depth analysis on urgent issues including:

  • Effective ways to acquire more players for less
  • Solutions to make sure your game is discovered amongst stiff competition
  • Proven strategies to build balanced game economies that provide value to your players
  • Utilise analytics to acquire and retain players in your game
  • Build a game that keeps players coming back again and again


Jamie Harding
Jamie Harding
Event Director
Video Games Intelligence
US Toll Free: 1800-814-3459 ext. 4354
T: +44 207 422 4354