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Game Monetization USA Summit December 4-5, 2014 | San Francisco, USA

Maximize Acquisition, Retention and Monetization

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Event chairman and opening remarks

Gordon Bellamy, Senior Director, iDreamsky Technology

The future of the gaming industry

Disruptors and game changers

There has been a great deal made about the competition between traditional games and their substitute counterparts: mobile games

  • Discuss why thinking about mobile vs console is wrong-headed  -  one industry, different screen sizes, UI and biz models
  • Identify the real key disruptors and lessons to be learned in gaming today

John Riccitiello, Former EA CEO and Board Director of Unity Technology and Syntertainment

Video games: A market overview

The video games industry is experiencing tectonic shifts with new distribution platforms, new players, new markets, more competition and more money to be made video games are everywhere

  • Hear about the drivers moving the industry forward
  • Gain insight into the future of the video games market
  • Get the latest raw data on the size of different market segments and understand where the industry will see growth

Michael Pachter, Managing Director, Wedbush Securities

Keeping up with $200M Kim Kardashians: Hollywood - A F2P case study

 Players of free games are fickle, and with such a large volume of choice there is a brief window to capture, retain and convert your target audience . Glu’s CEO Nicollo De Masi gives an in depth case study on how this game has cracked the F2P conundrum

  • Learn how Glu mobile have developed the newest hit game on the F2P market in this candid case study
  • Understand the acquisition and retention strategies that create a top grossing game
  • Hear how Glu implement IP to create a smash hit mobile game

Niccolo de Masi, CEO, Glu Mobile

Pricing in the app economy

Pricing in the app economy is an area of uncertainty. Get the latsest Is the freemium model sustainable for games and can paid subscriptions compete with freemium counterparts? Bing Gordon identifies the keys to pricing an app

  • Economics of rarity, tradability and limited time offer
  • The role of free, not caveat emptor but caveat vendor
  • How to price subscriptions

Bing Gordon, CPO of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers 
and former EA CCO

F2P in developing markets

Asia is 50% of the gaming market, representing a huge pool of untapped players

  • Capitalize on rapidly growing Asian markets to acquire more players
  • Get the expert insight on opportunities for western gaming companies in Asia
  • Learn how to develop the relationships you need to bring your games to Asian players

Kent Wakeford, COO, Kabam
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, Venturebeat

The player perspective

Monetizing your game relies on knowing your player. This player panel gives you the opportunity to get to know what makes your players tick

  • Here from a selected group of gamers about their experiences playing games
  • Get to know your players to improve customer loyalty
  • Understand what gets players hooked in your game
  • Stop players dropping off your game and boost retention

Liam Callahan, Game industry Analyst, The NPD group

Develop games for developing markets

Asia will account for 82% of growth in the games business this year. Developing markets offer massive unexploited potential for games. But players from different geographies respond better to different monetization strategies

  • Develop key partnerships to capitalize on growth markets
  • Explore who has been successful in expanding into international markets, and how they did it
  • Localize your game overcome, geographical, cultural and technical barriers and capitalize on global revenues
  • Launch your game in new markets and monetize a massive pool of previously untapped players

Josh Burns, Mobile & Gaming Industry Consultant
Danny Moy, VP of Partnerships and Business Operations, King
Terence Fung, CSO, Storm 8
Dennis Yi, Business Development, Gamevil
Lei Zhang, President, Chukong Technologies
Keith McCurdy, CEO, Golden Gate Games 

Challenging the F2P status quo

F2P has become the norm in mobile games, but more and more games flood its crucial that other business models are explored with examples from console PC and mobile sectors

  • Gain expert insight into how paid apps can still be a successful monetization method
  • Debate whether paid apps and free apps are competing products
  • Discuss the perceptions of F2P. Players want to play for free, but will F2P be the downfall of the games industry?

Chris Early, VP of Digital Distribution, Ubisoft

Digital gaming in Latin America: How to win over an emerging market

Huge population and high internet penetration rate have driven the LATAM digital games market that’s set for 74% growth to 2015

  • Hear what’s driving the growth in the region
  • Understand where the opportunities are and how to convert massive populations into active gamers
  • Get expert advice on how to make the most of your games monetization potential in this growth market 

Stephanie Llamas, Games Industry Analyst, SuperData Research

Venture into games

Gaming is a boom market, but as new players regularly enter the market it’s a challenge to raise the necessary capital to compete 

  • Here the VC angle on what they look for when investing in games companies
  • Get expert advice on how to make top bucks with a successful exit strategy

Sunny Dhillon, Partner, Signia Venture Capital
Michael Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors

Breaking into LATAM markets

Huge population and high internet penetration rate have driven the LATAM digital games market that’s set for 74% growth to 2015

  • Hear what’s driving the growth in the region
  • Understand where the opportunities are and how to convert massive populations into active gamers
  • Get expert advice on how to make the most of your games monetization potential in this growth market 

Sabrina Carmona, Associate Producer, Behavior Interactive

Acquisition Track

GOOGLE PLAY: The Key to maximizing Play with Google

With over 600,000 Android apps available, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Work with Google-Play to ensure your game acquires millions of users, and isn’t lost amongst the competition

  • Exclusive insight on the features you need to build in your game to get the attention of Google-Play editors and get features on the store
  • Work with Google-Play to drive downloads, make players play your game and maximize UA

Koh Kim, Business Development, Google Play

Stop throwing away money on UA! Develop a killer strategy to save thousands

Greater competition has driven up user acquisition cost. Combined with the significant investment of developing a new game it’s crucial that your game acquire the most players to make the most profit

  • Optimize UA to mitigate risk and give your game the perfect foundation for maximum ROI
  • Take away key strategies to synthesis your UA campaign through the pre-Launch preparation, beta period and world wide release
  • How to void  pitfalls to maximise UA success

Austin Yuen, Director of User Acquisition and Monetization, Cie Games

Utilize knowledge discovery techniques to maximize acquisition in your game

Understand the importance of Knowledge Discovery within the industry. With only 5% of users monetizing in F2P games it’s vital that your game acquires and retains those that will provide the best LTV and ROI

  • Get to grips with various approaches to knowledge discovery to target your most profitable players
  • Get the low down on how churn prediction can be used to incentivise players at the optimal moment
  • An expert guide to integrate knowledge discovery in your decision support system and it’s practical applications in maximising game monetization

Ariel Aguirre, Director of analytics, SGN


There has been a monumental shift towards digital distribution and F2P business models. More money is being made in games, but more companies are looking for a slice of the pie. In an increasingly competitive landscape it’s vital that players choose to play your game

  • Gain exclusive insight Facebook on how they can make your game succeed in the acquisition challenge
  • Understand the how you can work with the Facebook to maximize engagement and retention
  • Find out the tips and tricks to get your game discovered and acquire millions of players organically

Sean Ryan, Head of Platform Partnerships, Facebook

Playing your own game: How F2P indies can maximize their chances BEFORE global launch

  • Indie developers should ignore the big guys when launching their own games
  • Hear the indie perspective on global launch and understand why the small guys should fear the big studios
  • Get real data from live games and learn how market research, soft launches, and testing can help you compete on a (more) level playing field

Kieth Katz, Founder, Execution Labs

Cross platform

With the boom of mobile games, and competition sky rocketing, it’s extremely important for developers to consider other platforms to mitigate risk and to maximize profitability 

  • Overcome technical difficulties of porting between platforms to ensure your game plays and monetizes well cross-platform
  • Unlock greater revenues by targeting players across different platforms

Ron Jenkins, Director of Business Development, Mindblocks

What comes after CPI? Mobile commerce is a main contender:

While CPI is a dominant ad format in the mobile world, it will eventually cap out. Mobile commerce is a trend which lends itself to be the second wave of mobile advertising

  • TrialPay provide an in depth analysis of the trend of mobile commerce
  • Get expert insight on how mobile commerce has quietly become a $100B market
  • Understand how decreasing the friction in the user experience between gaming and shopping for a reward will increase engagement

Terry Angelos, President and Co- Founder, Trialpay

Ranking on GooglePlay and iOS

With the boom of digital distribution it’s key that you optimize success on the AppStores.

  • Discover  the formulas used by both GooglePlay and Apple Appstores to boost your games ranking
  • Develop an effective distribution channel strategy for both burst and sustained campaigns.
  • Learn AppStore Optimization tricks and hacks for search on the AppStores

Japheth Dillman, CCO, yetiZen

What's a UA manager to do? Strategies for success

UA managers are bombarded by thousands of requests from ad companies claiming they can deliver quality installs and marketing and analytics services. In this talk, attendees will:

  • Think about how to choose among an endless number of people clamoring for your budget
  • Rethink how to measure effectiveness of different sources of user traffic 
  • Analyze strategies to grow and monetize your user base

Eric Ma, Director of User Acquisition, Scopely

Retention and Monetization Track

GOOGLE WORKSHOP: Create a game experience for all types of players

With such a range of choice it is easy for a player to switch from your game to another. Understand the best methods of making sure players keep playing in your game

  • Develop game paths that allow players to play according to their own needs and monetize in their own time
  • Understand how to monetize your whales and your minnows: Provide your whales with a clear path to success if they’re willing to spend to achieve it, whilst allowing free players to time to commit to the game and increase their monetization potential

Fontaine Foxworth, Product Manager, Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, Google
Alejandro Manchado, Strategic Partner Development Lead, Google

Demystifying data science to help you understand your players to boost retention in your game

The growth of games has been paralleled by the growth of data. But whilst we’re drowning in information we are starving for knowledge

  • Understand how complex analysis can be easily used by anyone with only the most simple tools
  •  Learn how to utilize these tools to understand and predict player behavior and to inform game design and retention strategies
  • Discuss clustering, analysis of variance, genetic algorithms, graph theory, and many other so called “obscure models” that could lead you to surprising, shocking, and useful insights that will influence business and creative decisions 

Ben Devienne, Head of Data Science, Gameloft

Balancing the game economy

Developers can be ‘too close’ to the product. Developers understand the value of an in-game product from its inception. Understand how can you translate the utility of in-game products to your players

  • Ensure your game economy is transparent so the player understands the value of in game purchases
  • Hear how various games, targeted at various market segments balance their game economies
  • Debate how game economies have developed in the past 5 with the growth of F2P business models and digital distribution
  • Get the latest on how data science influencing economy tuning
  • Game mechanics, timings and cycles crucial to making players want not need to play 

Mike Chera, Design Director, SGN
Raymond Holmes, Design Director, MunkyFun
Albert Reed, CEO, Demiurge Studios
Craig Holland, CEO, Freezetag
James Schmalz, CEO and Founder, Digital Extremes
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, Venturebeat

Gamification to maximise engagement

This fireside chat dives into how creating an element of competition in games engages players long term

  • Implement an effective social and competitive element to create a network of players committed to your game
  • Understand how different methods of competition, from point scoring to league tables, can bond players to each other and to your game
  • Understand how gamification helps to create social whales that bring money to your game through their influence in the game community

Carey Dejulio, Vice President and GM of Big Fish Casino
Chris Williams, Vice President and GM of Big Fish F2P Mobile
Basel Sadiq, Tech Sparks TV

Might & Magic Heroes Online: How to keep players coming back for more

Some games have an addictive property. Players keep on playing and playing, reusing content over and over. In this session you'll get expert insight on how to measure and improve retention, using examples from Ubisoft’s MMHO

  • Understand the special formula that fosters such long-term commitment to the game
  • Learn how to make a game that challenges the player to master the content, not complete it

Christoph Safferling, Head of Game Analytics, Ubisoft

Long live the game: how to retain players for the long -term

Ensuring player lifecycles are as long as they can be is key to making sure that games capitalize on vast revenue potential in the F2P market

  • A focus on live-ops in mobile, how they have evolved and hoe Gree have used live ops to produce top grossing games
  • How successful games engage with the customer to maximize player engagement

Mike Lu, VP of Product Management, Gree

Player centric monetization

In an ever more competitive and hit driven industry, it’s imperative that mobile publishers become experts at merchandising and managing game economies. Games that get it right are taking a player centric approach to monetizing players. Games that get it wrong are leaving more than 75% of their revenue on the table

  • Ensure your games are designed to allow for the most effective monetization opportunities throughout the flow of the game
  • Learn the key actions that all publishers should take optimize the revenue potential of your games
  • Leverage your entire customer value chain by segmenting players by behaviour and develop customized marketing and merchandising strategies for each group
  • How to get your players to be worth more by offering them value in exactly the right way at the right time, that they understand and are willing to pay for
  • Understand why your game doesn’t make enough money and what to do about it

Jon Walsh, CEO, FusePowered

What's next for F2P? Going hybrid...

How to introduced F2P mechanics to paid games and in particular AAA to maximize game revenue

  • Understand how a F2P can translate to paid games to better monetize your titles
  • Get exclusive insight on how you can monetize the back-end of paid games to maximize ROI
  • Learn how a microtransactions can adds value to your player whilst bringing money into your game

Ben Charbit, Founder, BYO games and former Ubisoft Content and Monetization Director


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