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Panel Session

9.00-9.50am Disruptors and game changers

Discover what it takes to disrupt the gaming market and go from indie developer to app-chart champion in this exciting session delivered by mobile gaming disruptors

  • Explore the monetization and acquisition tricks that took indie games to the top of the charts
  • Understand the tips and tricks to make a game go viral and overtake gaming’s big beasts
  • Take your chance to quiz the market’s leading disruptors on what took their game to the heights of app-store success

Joel McDonald, Developer, Prune for IOS - Featured in the App Store’s “Best New Games Category” featured in “Top 10 Paid Apps”
Christian Calderon, Head of Marketing, Dots
Arash Keshmirian, CEO and Co-Founder, Limbic Games

Practical Session

9.50-10.20am No IP? No Problem - Successful Monetization of Original Games

  • Hear from a collection of the leaders in gaming who built huge revenue from games with no IP, no bra23nd and no legacy behind them
  • Go in depth into what makes a game stick with players when there is no IP to carry you
  • Discover the secret sauce of the most successful games on the market and learn lessons from the biggest disruptors in gaming

Bryan Davis, SVP, Big Blue Bubble Inc

10.20-11.00am Coffee Break
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Practical Session

11.00-11.45am Asian Market Insights: Forecasting a New Gaming Economy

Asia will account for 82% of growth in the games business this year. Developing markets offer massive unexploited potential for games. But players from different geographies respond better to different monetization strategies

  • Develop key partnerships to capitalize on growth markets
  • Explore who has been successful in expanding into international markets, and how they did it
  • Localize your game to overcome geographical, cultural and technical barriers and capitalize on global revenues
  • Launch your game in new markets and monetize a massive pool of previously untapped players

Keith McCurdy, CEO, Golden Gate Games
Stephanie Llamas, Director Research and Consumer Insights, Superdata Research
Michael Zhang, CEO, Firefly
Davey Jackson, Business Development, Chukong

Case Study

11.45am-12.15pm Licensed Content Case Study: Retaining players for the long term

Discover a recipe that works for licensed mobile games.

  • Understand how to re-focus your efforts to produce long-term lifetime value vs. short-term success with your players
  • Learn how to most effectively leverage partnerships with licensors to target the right audience and to grow your game’s community
  • Hear about what game design strategies keep players coming back for more over periods of months, not just days or weeks

Michael Sandwick, Senior Manager of Business Development and Business Operations, Tinyco

12.15-1.30pm Lunch
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Pure Publisher

1.30-2.15pm Venture into gaming

Gaming is a boom market, but as new players regularly enter the market it’s a challenge to raise the necessary capital to compete 

  • Hear the VC angle on what they look for when investing in games companies
  • Get expert advice on how to make top bucks with a successful exit strategy

Phil Sanderson, Managing Director, IDG Ventures
Keith Katz, Co-Founder, Execution Labs
Jason Kay, Venture Partner, AID Ventures
Isaac Babbs, CEO, Handmade Ventures

1.30-2.15pm Preparing for Mobile Success

Moving from the safe waters of pc/console gaming into mobile can be a challenge. Hear what publishers are in store for in the move to mobile

  • Explore the business model, staffing and creative changes required of publishers heading into mobile
  • Adapt your business to the new world of mobile and unlock strategies that work
  • Quiz your contemporaries on the tactics that work, anticipate risk and make your strategy smart

2.15-2.45pm Challenging the F2P status quo

F2P has become the norm in mobile games, but more and more games flood it’s crucial that other business models are explored with examples from console PC and mobile sectors

  • Gain expert insight into how paid apps can still be a successful monetization method
  • Debate whether paid apps and free apps are competing products
  • Discuss the perceptions of F2P. Players want to play for free, but will F2P be the downfall of the games industry?

Speaker TBC

2.15-2.45pm Optimizing Publisher Business Models in the F2P Economy

  • Make it easy to buy: Explore tactics to optimize payment localization for each region your game is distributed in
  • Step back from the cyclical trends in PC/console gaming and  understand the status of F2P experiments outside of the mobile platform
  • Discover the methods to see returns from your development investment when premium price points aren’t enough. Use this session to understand new tactics to monetizing beyond the game

Simon Protheroe, Online Publishing Director, Square Enix

2.45-3.25pm Coffee Break (40 minutes)
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Acquisition & Retention

3.25-4.10pm Selecting the right monetization partners

If you’re broadening your offering to new markets, you need the right monetization partners on board  uto help you understand your new markets  and set a winning strategy

  • Find out the business factors you need to know about gaming’s biggest emerging markets
  • Uncover potential barriers and risks to new markets and how the right partners can steer you towards profit
  • Take the chance to quiz market leaders from booming new territories and arm yourself with market insight

Ron Jenkins, Director of Business Development, Mindblocks Studio
Dennis Yi, Head of Business Development, Gamevil

3.25-4.10pm The UA debate

There are an infinite amount of games but a finite amount of players. Your UA strategy is key to making sure they play your game

  • Hear how to target the most profitable users to ensure LTV outweighs CPI
  • Utilize analytics to inform your acquisition strategy to make sure you’re targeting users that will make you money
  • Target the right users. Don’t waste money on cheap UA campaigns that have lower retention and LTV
  • Market saturation is demanding more marketing spend. Learn how to spend this money most efficiently on a small budget for your new game

Ray Salloom, Senior User Acquisition Specialist, Bandai Namco
Gabriel Goldwasser, US Marketing Director, Gameloft

4.10-4.55pm Optimize monetization

The best strategy for monetizing varies based on the type of app.  Explore examples of what has worked in different situations

  • Go in depth on tactics to leverage your game to new monetization heights
  • Discover the secrets of In-app purchase in non-game apps and how they can benefit your game
  • Become an expert on how different ad formats and placements impact revenue

Ilya Nikolayev, CEO, Tapinator
Dan Irish, Partner, Roadhouse Interactive

4.10-4.55pm Analytics At The Centre Of Your Acquisition and Retention Strategy

Understanding your users is essential to create a successful app. Unfortunately guessing is not an option in such a competitive world

  • Understand where are my most valuable users coming from to inform your acquisition strategy
  • Get the lowdown on what makes them stick and what makes them leave
  • Find the answer you need to creating a solid  acquisition, engagement and monetization strategy

Speakers TBC

5.00-5.10pm Closing remarks from Chairman in main conference hall

5.10-7.30pm Networking Drinks
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The next generation of gamers

9.30-9.55am The Next Generation of Gamers

The games industry stands-out for the way it continues to embrace, challenge and innovate around new mobile, tablet and cloud technologies. But what’s next four our industry, and what new technologies are on the horizon?

  • Get insight into what techniques there are to monetize the next generation of gamers
  • Redefine business models and adapt to changing consumer demands in a shifting gaming ecosystem
  • Discuss ways to adapt your funding strategy

Frederic Chesnais, CEO, Atari

10.00-10.45am Retaining Players in the F2P Era

  • Discover what features of F2P games keep players engaged and the techniques to target the spending players
  • Explore how to build a brand that retains paying players and keeps your user base healthy
  • Go in depth on gameplay mechanics, marketing techniques and the next big thing in monetization to benchmark your UA strategy for 2016

Moderator: Liam Callahan, Director, Games Industry Analyst, NPD Group

10.45-11.30pm Coffee Break

10.00-10.45pm Monetising F2p: Make The Most Of In-App Purchases And Ads

In-app purchases comprise a large share of in-game revenue today. But less than five percent of the total user base monetize with in-app purchases

  • Learn how Ads can supplement monetization for the remaining ninety five percent of non-paying users
  • How to show the right message to the right user at the right time
  • Get the latest on how to take advantage of the ads opportunity across platforms and screens
  • Unlock new revenue streams and boost your business, while letting

Alon Shen, Business Development Manager at Startapp
Bill Grosso, CEO, Scientific Revenue

12.15-1.00pm What comes after Asia? Untapped markets in gaming

Asia is a huge new market for mobile gaming that monetizes differently to the western hemisphere. That much we all know. But what about the unexplored territories that can bring huge new revenue streams?

  • Discuss Latin America, Eastern Europe and India with insiders from the markets that are still untouched
  • Uncover what business factors do you need to be aware of in these new markets and get the facts you can take back to th boardroom
  • Cover monetization behavior, retention patterns and acquisition techniques that get the new players hooked and make your game succeed in the global market
1.00-2.15pm Lunch

2.15-2.45pm Get the stats: Mobile Monetization and UA

Bringing you the inside scoop from their survey into 800 mobile publishers and their UA stats Venture Beat bring you the latest on

  • Why CPI isn’t your friend
  • Facebook, Facebook, Facebook (and a few other social channels)
  • How the best developers are getting the most valuable users

John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, VentureBeat

Case Study

2.45-3.30pm Case Study: F2P Success

  • Get insight from a major F2P game on what keeps the customers coming back and new players joining them
  • Hear the success of games that have brought huge revenue on what they did to succeed
  • Take your chance to quiz a gaming leader on the steps, tricks and strategies for gaming prowess

3.30-4.00pm Utilize knowledge discovery techniques to maximize acquisition and retention

Understand the importance of Knowledge Discovery within the industry. With only 3% of users monetizing in F2P games it’s vital that your game acquires and retains those that will provide the best LTV and ROI

  • Get to grips with various approaches to knowledge discovery to target your most profitable players
  • Get the low down on how churn prediction can be used to incentivize players at the optimal moment
  • An expert guide to integrate knowledge discovery in your decision support system and it’s practical applications in maximizing game monetization

Areil Aguirre, Analytics Director, SGN

4.00-4.30pm Ranking on GooglePlay and iOS 

  • With the boom of digital distribution it’s key that you optimize success on the AppStores
  • Discover the formulas used by both GooglePlay and Apple Appstores to boost your games ranking
  • Develop an effective distribution channel strategy for both burst and sustained campaigns
  • Learn AppStore Optimization tricks and hacks for search on the AppStores

Japheth Dillman, CCO, yetiZen

End of conference
Farewell takeaway coffees in Exhibition Hall


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