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2nd Annual Game Monetization USA Summit December 5-6, 2013 | San Francisco

Cutting Edge Agenda

As the digital distribution of games continues to explode, finding new and innovative ways to monetize your players becomes core to a game’s success or failure. Take a look at some of the cutting edge themes you will get insight into!

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Day One


Exclusive Workshop

8:30-9:15 Get Your Games Featured in the App Store(SM)

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It's no secret getting your game featured is the single most cost-effective marketing tool when publishing on iOS. In this workshop, Cory Lewis, former App Store Games Manager at Apple, and Michael Ehrenberg, former App Store Marketing Manager at Apple, will explore how best to get the attention and consideration of those who make the featured selections in the App Store.

  • Gain expert insight into the features you need to build into your games to maximize the chances of your games being featured
  • Understand what App Store managers look for when choosing the games they feature
  • Gain inside knowledge into how the most successful title boost their app-store discoverability
Cory Lewis, Former App Store Games Manager, Apple
Michael Ehrenberg, Former App Store Marketing Manager, Apple


Conference Opens

9:30-10:00 Introduction: Michael Pachter

Industry Overview: How Shifting Business Models Are Shaping the Future of Our Industry

The industry is undergoing a monumental shift towards digital. New players are emerging while traditional ones must adapt to keep pace. This session explains this shift and what might be expected in the short to medium term for an industry in flux.

  • Hear why large players are scrambling to keep pace and what steps need to be taken to ensure traditional publishers stay on top of the game
  • Get an expert insight into the industry shift to digital – what is it worth now and what will it be worth over the next 5 years
  • Understand why even new digital rising stars must innovate to stay on top

Michael Pachter, Managing Director, Wedbush Securities

10:00-10:40 Building a F2P Business from $1 to $300 million

Kevin Chou co-founded Kabam in 2006 and as CEO has grown the company to estimated revenues of $300 million in 2013. This session will explore how that success came about, and how others can follow in the footsteps as the games industry continues to grow at an incredible rate.

  • Gain expert insight into the acquisition and retention strategies you need to guarantee your players play your games and help you grow your brand in the long term
  • Understand the formula for a successful F2P title and create a solid offering that you can apply to all your titles

Kevin Chou, Co-Founder & CEO, Kabam
Interviewed by: Michael Pachter, Managing Director, Wedbush

10:40-11:20 BREAK

11:20-12:50 Roundtable Discussions

Player Acquisition and Retention

12:50-14:20 LUNCH

14:20-14:50 Game Monetization 3.0

Not too long ago, games were only designed to be mastered by players who had an abundance of time. Micro-transactions and free-to-play design principles have cracked open the door for players with an abundance of money. Is this compromising the game's design? Or designing for the player? What else do players have in abundance that will affect game design?

  • Get the low down on what's next in the monetization revolution and how it applies to your business
  • Understand how to maximize revenue while giving every player the best experience of your full game, keeping the player happy while maximizing RPU
  • Think transmedia. F2P reaches millions so other monetization streams such as merchandizing become a real opportunity

Chris Early, VP of Digital Distribution, Ubisoft

14:50-15:20 Launching a Mobile Game in Today's Hyper-Competitive Market

Long gone are the days of relying on PR and viral marketing to launch your mobile game. With the ever-increasing amount game publishers are spending to promote their apps, what are the key user acquisition metrics to know before you launch? How can you best optimize your UA spend around those metrics? After this session, you’ll be ready for battle armed with valuable tips such as:

  • How a myriad of variables such as time of the day/week, seasonality, and geography affect campaign performance.
  • The latest scoop on the importance of new factors effecting app store success.
  • Anatomy of a game launch – case studies highlighting successful strategies.

Curtis Wells, Director of Sales, Mobile Games, Fiksu

15:20-16:00 BREAK

16:00-16:40 Build Games for the Long-Term - Maximize Player Retention & Satisfaction

Emily believes games can live forever. This session will explore how to build a game with longevity, allowing you to retain your players for years rather than months.

  • Understand how a focus on long-term retention over ARPDAU will lead to higher player satisfaction and higher long-term monetization
  • Gain expert insight into the game mechanics that keep players engaged and paying over the long-term

Emily Greer, COO & Founder, Kongregate

16:40-17:10 Analytics & Game Design

With the advent of the games as a service business model the value of in-game analytics has never been higher. This session will explore how a solid analytics strategy should tie into the design of every online game.

  • Hear how as games continually update and evolve, analytics becomes crucial to measuring the success of your titles, ensuring they aren't only as fun as possible but also monetize well
  • Gain insight into both the successes and failures TinyCo have experienced when building an analytics strategy and ensure you set your titles on the path to success

Nick Ross, Director of Analytics & User Acquisition, TinyCo

Day One Day Two Top

Day Two

9:30-10:00 How to Succeed in the New Gaming Ecosystem

Over the last several years, the games industry has undergone a massive evolution in almost every aspect. These changes have benefitted some developers and left others in the dust. Any developer can get lucky once or twice but to continue to thrive in this increasingly competitive ecosystem, game companies must be leaders in all of the following areas.

  • Cross-Platform: Over the years we've seen a constant evolution in platforms. This change is inevitable and companies looking to build for the long-term must learn to generate revenue from multiple platforms and avoid dependence on one
  • Nimble Product Development: Companies need to quickly hone in on what's working, while pivoting away from what's not. The most successful developers rely on low-cost prototyping, relentless A/B testing, and accessible analytics available to product managers and game designers in real-time
  • Smart Marketing: Accurate cohort-specific marketing data is key to profitable user acquisition. Developers who are "buying blind" will always be at a disadvantage

Josh Yguado, President, SGN

10:00-10:30 CASE STUDY: The Free-to-Play Saga

Dean Takahashi will speak to Games Guru, Tommy Palm, about King’s success story. The session will explore how King experienced huge growth with Candy Crush and what transferable lessons have been learned that will ensure continued, sustainable growth in the future.

  • Gain expert insight into the F2P mechanics King used to make Candy Crush the most successful F2P game to date
  • Hear from King’s Games Guru on the future of F2P – how is King evolving and how is the industry evolving

Tommy Palm, Games Guru, King
Interviewed by: Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, VentureBeat

10:30-11:20 In-Depth Game Mechanics That Keep Players Playing

Central to every retention strategy is the game itself. You need to build key elements into your games to suit the playing environment. Players on some platforms only play in short bursts, others have so many games they might simply forget about yours. Creating the mechanics that keep player coming back is crucial.

  • Hear about the advanced game mechanics you need to employ to keep your players playing and paying
  • Integrate well with different platform notification centres and social elements and maximise the engagement of your players
  • Tie basic techniques such as time-limited play and power-ups into your game design and in-depth analytics and maximize player retention

Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat, VentureBeat
Cory Lewis, Former App Store Games Manager, Apple Inc.
Michael Ehrenberg, Former App Store Manager, Apple Inc.
Alex Adjadj, Director of Strategic Development, Namco Bandai Games America
Adam Gutterman, Director, Games Monetization, Unity Technologies

11:20-12:00 BREAK

12:00-12:30 Cash Conversions: Using Real Money Tournaments to Enhance the User Experience

We’ve all heard about the successes developers and publishers have had monetizing game titles through variations on traditional advertising and the popular freemium models, but how can we find ways to monetize our audiences in a way that makes them want to play our games longer and more frequently? 

Cash tournaments in skill games provide a creative solution, but there is a lot of confusion over legalities associated and uncertainty about what you should be looking for in a cash tournament platform partner.

  • How do cash tournaments work?
  • What are the common pitfalls associated with cash gaming, and what should you consider in a supplier to achieve the best result?
  • What are the legal issues related to cash tournament gaming?
  • How can cash tournaments enhance your games and increase your income?

Jarrod Epps, Founder & CEO, Cashplay

12:30-13:20 Converting Players to Payers

Most players in a given F2P game don't pay for DLC. Likewise, most players in any given console game never purchase DLC. This session will explore what game makers from across the industry can do to boost conversion rates in their games.

  • Lear how other companies and industry verticals push their players across to becoming payers and apply that to your titles, maximizing RPU and LTV
  • Hear what mobile can learn from console and vice versa in terms of converting players to payers

Moderator: Michael Ehrenberg, Former App Store Manager, Apple Inc.
James Schmalz, Founder, Digital Extremes
Perry Tam, CEO, Storm8
Becky Ann Hughes, Vice President of Marketing & Product Marketing, Playfirst
Amit Khanduja, EVP, Reliance Entertainment

13:20-14:50 LUNCH

14:50-15:40 Breaking Into the APAC Markets

China and the APAC region represent some of the strongest growth potential for the video games industry. This session will explore how Western companies can break into the market and benefit from a massive new pool of players.

  • Gain expert insight into the type of game and gameplay that monetizes well in China, and why some US blockbuster fail to catch on
  • Get an in-depth understanding of market nuances and cultural differences, and how to build the right game for the market
  • Understand how to choose a good partner and whether you need one if you're going mobile

Moderator: Jean Mathews, Imaginate Consulting
Chris Akhavan, President, Publishing, Glu
Lei Zhang, US General Manager, Chukong (CocoaChina)
Gordon Bellamy, Former Director of Business Development & Industry Relations, Tencent

15:40-16:10 Case-Study: Monetization and How Digitally Distributed Games Have Evolved to Grow RPU

Premium, subscription, DLC and F2p - this session will explore the evolution of business models in mobile and online and how they are changing the ways games are made and consumed.

  • Get an in-depth look into how business models have, and still are, evolving and create games that maximize ARPU
  • Understand how games have evolved as business models change and create games that fit today's highest monetizing models
  • Hear how to create games that maximize retention and unlock player LTV, letting your games grow exponentially

Adam Gutterman, Director, Games Monetization, Unity Technologies

16:10-16:40 Real-Money Gaming: What Developers Need to Know Now

Real-Money Gaming (RMG) is the game industry's newest and most exciting monetization opportunity. In spite of enthusiasm, there is a great deal of confusion and misinformation about how best to enter the RMG race. Learn about:

  • The options available to game developers wanting to offering real-money play in their own games
  • What states like Nevada and New Jersey launching online gambling means to the industry as a whole
  • The latest results Betable's partners are seeing in markets outside of the US

Chris Griffin, CEO, Betable

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